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Identify a set of technology issues or concerns associated with a real-world information technology infrastructure. Explore potential solutions to varying types of real-life te

  • Identify a set of technology issues or concerns associated with a real-world information technology infrastructure.
  • Explore potential solutions to varying types of real-life technology issues in the business environment.
  • Design a solution that will resolve an identified technology issue.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use appropriate communication strategies to convey a solution to a real-life technology issue.


  1. This is Phase 2 of your final capstone project.
  2. Refer to the Capstone Project Guide as needed.
  3. Prepare an outline of your project paper. Base the outline on the Capstone Project Template. You may use the template and embed the outline into each template section. You must include an outline bullet for each major and minor idea in each section (the bullets would be taken out in the final paper).
  4. The assignment submission should also include all the references you intend to use in the paper. Place your references in the template under the reference section. No annotations should be included at this stage of the outline. Your references must be in compliance with APA 7th edition. A total of 10 or more references should be used in the paper.
    1. For questions on APA style, go to the OCLS APA Style Page.
  5. Note: At this point, you are halfway through the course. Although this assignment is an outline of the paper, you should have begun to develop sections of the paper. It is not required that you include details of sections, but you may do so.

Please find attached Phase 1 of the paper


Project Phase 1

Mandar Sathe

Indiana Wesleyan University


Conversational AI helps improve customer service, and artificial intelligence may reduce various hazards in several sectors. These are just some of the ways that artificial intelligence can benefit businesses. Even though we are just at the beginning of the AI revolution, it is clear that artificial intelligence will significantly impact our lives, both favorably and poorly. This is the case regardless of how far along we are in the process. It is estimated that the financial impact of AI on the global economy will reach $15.7 trillion by the year 2030. It is also anticipated that 40 percent of jobs will be lost due to artificial intelligence.

At the same time, global venture capital investment in AI is growing to greater than $27 billion in 2018 (Wirtz, 2019). These estimations of AI's potential are based on a comprehensive understanding of the nature and scope of the technology. Despite the fast progress in artificial intelligence (AI), the area itself is still a long way from reaching its full potential. All too frequently, artificial intelligence demonstrates prejudice. Since it is educated using partial data and built by prejudiced individuals, biased artificial intelligence (AI) is a severe problem that is difficult to overcome. As a consequence, several AI cases have gone rogue, such as face recognition algorithms that cannot recognize persons with a dark complexion or Google translating gender prejudice (the Turkish language is gender-neutral, but Google swaps the gender of pronouns when translating).

People have also witnessed several incidents of artificial intelligence being intentionally exploited to inflict harm to others. These examples include deep fakes, which are used to produce fake news and hoaxes, and facial recognition cameras, which invade individuals' privacy. On the other hand, machine learning models may be misled by employing an imperceptible universal noise filter, in which the addition of a sticker next to a picture radically alters the result. This approach can be used to fool machine learning models. When people put artificial intelligence (AI) into the real world, there are still a lot of challenges with AI, although academics are rapidly producing mighty AI. This situation will grow increasingly troublesome as artificial intelligence (AI) continues to progress and our understanding of AI's fundamental workings decreases.

Data may make solutions successful, but understanding the human components that go into problem-solving is what distinguishes outstanding solutions. Artificial intelligence is still decades away from overcoming its worst shortcoming. Fear and a lack of willpower are two things that are frequently cited as factors that work against us. Still, when human-centered design principles are applied, these factors can become the key to better understanding people and the foundational insights needed to develop exceptional solutions for very human problems. AI is not programmed to operate very differently from human brains. Still, they do not yet understand how to offer their users the correct degrees of delight, simplicity, anticipation, and irritation. For this reason, you will be able to triumph over the AI rulers of the future. This common thread runs through all of the best movies, games, goods, and stories.


Wirtz, B. W., Weyerer, J. C., & Geyer, C. (2019). Artificial intelligence and the public sector—applications and challenges. International Journal of Public Administration42(7), 596-615.


CITM-504 Weekly Progress Report

Date of Report: July 18, 2022

Mandar Sathe

Student Name:

Overview of Current Progress:

My current capstone project work mainly focuses on artificial intelligence, which has become one of the most used and well-known technologies in the world. Over the past few years, the world has experienced numerous innovations and advancements that have become crucial in different industries. Artificial intelligence involves making computers or software think intelligently, similar to human beings. Artificial intelligence is generally accomplished by studying different patterns of the brain in human beings by analyzing the cognitive process.

Work Completed:

· I have finished looking at the various types of artificial intelligence like reactive machines.

· I learned that reactive machines are the most basic forms of artificial intelligence systems and have the capability to create memories or use past experiences to inform current decisions.

· Other types of artificial intelligence that I have learned are self-awareness, theory of mind and limited memory.

· Limited memory comprises machines that can look into past information and add it to their memory.

· The theory of mind can understand emotions and thoughts and interact socially.

· Self-aware machines have been considered the future generation of the new artificial intelligence technologies.

Work in Process:

Currently, I am looking at how artificial intelligence works and some of the ways it can be implemented. I am trying to study how artificial intelligence technologies are merged with intelligent and iterative processing algorithms. I am also researching the various ways an artificial intelligence system carries out tests and data processing and measures its performance.

Important insights

Some of the insights from my coursework that have been important in developing my project include the ability of artificial intelligence to recognize emotions, how it can replace the human workforce and the capability of recognizing people by their voice.

Key takeaways

Based on the several benefits of artificial intelligence, I would use artificial intelligence to improve workflows, and efficiency, make informed decisions and reduce human error rates.

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