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Communication: the ability to communicate effectively in both English and Arabic in professional and social situations. Technological Competence: the ability to use modern techn

look the attached file.

Six core competencies:

  • Communication:
    the ability to communicate effectively in both English and Arabic in professional and social situations.
  • Technological Competence:
    the ability to use modern technologies to acquire information, communicates, solve problems, and produce intended results.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:
    the ability to reason logically and creatively to make informed and responsible decisions and achieve intended goals.
  • Professional Competence:
    the ability to perform professional responsibilities effectively in both local and international contexts.
  • Teamwork:
    the ability to work effectively with others to accomplish tasks and achieve group goals.
  • Leadership:
    the ability to be informed, effective and responsible leaders in family, community and the kingdom

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ASSE 3211: Learning Outcome Assessment 2

Professional Scenario Assignment: Presentation (Parts 1 and 2) Part 1 of the Professional Scenario Presentation, which must include at least 4 or 5

slides, which correspond to the required questions below. The PowerPoint will be due at the beginning of your group’s scheduled consultation during the week of Sunday, July 19 – Wednesday, July 23. In addition, each member of the group must be ready to show the instructor the First Draft of your ePortfolio during the same consultation.

Part 2 of the Professional Scenario Presentation will be due by Saturday, July 30 by 11.59 pm as a Video or a PowerPoint with a Voiceover.


As part of the Professional Scenario assignment, each group will plan, create, and execute a short presentation (roughly 6-8 minutes) based on the instructions below. No other topics will be allowed. Presentations will be done in two parts. In Part 1, you will submit a rough draft of the presentation by the day of your team’s Instructor Consultation. Then, in Part 2, your team will submit the final version of your presentation as either a video (using an MP4 or submitting a YouTube link) or a PowerPoint with a voiceover. No credit will be given to any team attempting to turn in Part 1 and Part 2 at the same time and/or without participating in an instructor conference. TOPIC: What is your advice and wisdom for incoming PMU Core Students. Or, what do you know now that you wish you know when you started the Core Program? I am asking you to give an 8-minute presentation to incoming students to the Core program about what they need to know about connecting their studies in the Core at PMU to the current state of the job market in the pandemic (and soon to be post-) pandemic era.

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Knowing all that you know now, what advice do you have for this group of students? You should have at least 7 to 10 slides, including an introduction and a list of sources. Relate your findings specifically to the Core Program. In other words, your presentation must be specific to material found in the Core, both in theory (the six core competencies) and in practice (the classes you take.)


Summarize the information above in your own words. Pretend you were explaining the information to an English-speaking friend. Explain it clearly and step-by-step. Length guideline: Your presentation should be 8-15 minutes.


Your first slide must include all the names and student numbers of your team. You also must have a second slide that previews your material. Finally, your last slide must consist of a bibliography (which is a work’s cited page or a list of resources), including any interviews you did. Consult the internet or the instructor for guidelines for how to cite interviews, if necessary. Your bibliography should contain at least three sources.


You will submit your presentation for Part 1 as a PowerPoint file on Blackboard before the day of your assigned consultation. For Part 2 you must upload the final draft of the presentation in whatever file format your group chose. .


The presentation is, in total, worth a 10% of your overall course grade. Part 1 will be worth 5 points while Part 2 will also be worth 5. The grade breakdown for the presentation is as follows:


Length varies

See above. Presentations that do not meet the minimum length requirements will receive a grade of F, D, or D+ depending on other criteria.

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Information 1

x Presentation provides a good amount of detail about the topic that would help to orient another student x Information is accurate and well researched

Addresses most or all of the questions in the prompt and considers the specific requirements of your career

Thoroughness 1

Bibliography 1

Your sources, properly formatted according style guidelines such as APA style or another, consistent style guideline

Presentation skills 1

Eye contact, body language, confidence and comfort with the medium, vocal clarity and pronunciation of key words, etc.

Technical and Visual 1

Did the film or PowerPoint show technological proficiency? Does everything work? Is the PowerPoint an effective visual aide for the presentation? Does it make good use of images, fonts, transitions, etc.?

TOTAL POINTS: 5 (final)

The final mark for Parts 1 and 2: 5 points each.

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