Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Topic is Israel and its Strategic ImpoYancey with the focus on the focus is economics and how it impacts the U.S. Outline is example is in attachments.EconomicsDealingwi - Wridemy Essaydoers

Topic is Israel and its Strategic ImpoYancey with the focus on the focus is economics and how it impacts the U.S. Outline is example is in attachments.EconomicsDealingwi

Topic is Israel and it’s Strategic ImpoYancey with the focus on the focus is economics and how it impacts the U.S. Outline is example is in attachments.


Economics Dealing with Israel and Its Strategic Importance






Economics Dealing with Israel and Its Strategic Importance

Israel is among the most developed countries in the world. The country got its independence in 1948. However, the economic development of the country was slowed by the high need to increase defense mechanism. The country spent a huge portion of its budget on funding its defense, which left very little for improving its economic development activities. However, the country has undergone serious revolutions in economic development, which has helped the country become a country with one of the most sophisticated economic advancements globally. Israel is ranked 22nd globally in terms of human development index with a high per capita income that surpasses many developed countries.

Dur to its rapid economic development and economic abilities characterized by low inflation index, it is one of the most preferred economic partners across the globe. Other development dimensions that make Israel a country of investment preference is its higher education that has promoted innovation. The country reported the highest per capital venture globally, which was 2.5 times that of the United States. As a result, the country has become one of the most preferred countries for bilateral trade activities and for investment opportunities across the globe.

This paper will evaluate economic dealings with Israel and their strategic importance to a country.

Problem Definition

Many countries are confronted with the problem of identifying economic partners in terms of trade, technology and other investment opportunities. While this has become an issue to many economies globally, it is important to select economic partners that will result in net positive gains to both countries. As a result, many countries will engage in economic activities with countries that have economic stability and inflation rates are low to avoid trading problems that arise as a result of high inflation.


Therefore, Israel presents one of the best economic opportunities that other countries should take advantage of. The country presents one of the most advanced technology innovations in the world. According to Katz (2018), Israel has invested heavily in research and development, making it one of the best places for investment and technological diversification for many technologies driven businesses across the globe. The education system is also technology driven and provides one of the most competent workforces in the world. In fact, Israel is ranked second by the OECD in terms of education development. Additionally, investments are based on returns and performance, which made Israel outshine many developed economies. The stock market, which operates under the regulation of the Israel authorities has become stable, and preventing illegal trading activities such as money laundering and fraud (Gala et al.,2018). According to OECD, the observed stability in the Israel economy has been associated with strategic investment decisions. The country observed an increase foreign direct investments for the period after investment. However, the country has refocused its efforts to increase inward direct investments characterized by mergers and acquisition. As a result, the country has managed to avoid adverse economic disadvantages associated with dominating investment objectives that other countries may want to impose. The country has been able to achieve economic stability that other countries that seek to achieve similar benefits in their economic portfolio.

Personal Position

Israel is undoubtedly one of the most advanced economies globally. Technology is one of the key pillars of Israel economy that helps the country meet demands of modern economy through creation of a competitive advantage over other countries globally. Low inflation reported in Israel economy is an advantage to countries or economies that are wishing to invest in such countries. Many countries would like to invest in a country with low inflation because they are not likely to experience inflation associated with imported products. Therefore, trading with Israel has the benefit of achieving stable economy due to its low inflation levels. On the other hand, Israel is has invested in providing high quality educational services that have improved the quality of labor force. The country’s investment in research and development provides an opportunity for technology firms that are interested in investing in various technology driven business sectors. The company can take advantage of the highly trained and competent work force, who will help in development of competitive advantage. The stock market provides a stable investment platform for countries and firms that are willing to engage in business engagement. Encouraging the country to engage in inward ward direct investment has helped the country to avoid adverse inflationary effects associated with foreign investments. This offers an opportunity for other countries to enjoy a stable environment for doing business.


Economic dealings with Israel have many benefits to the country. The country enjoys significant advantage in terms of economic stability characterized by low inflation index. This provides significant opportunities to other countries that are aspiring to enter into trading engagements with Israel. There are strategic benefits that are associated with trading and investing in Israel such as access to highly qualified professionals, advancement technology and enjoy the benefits associated with low inflation rates. Therefore, any country or firm that has economic dealings with Israel will benefit significantly from these aspects.


Gala, V., Pagliardi, G., & Zenios, S. A. (2018). Politics, policy, and international stock peturns.

Katz, Y. (2018). Technology and innovation in Israel: advancing competitive position in a global environment. Open Journal of Political Science8(4), 536-546.

OECD. Accession of Israel to the OECD. Review of international investment policies.


Title of Paper (The American Flag) 


Introductory Paragraph: (1) The United States and Israel have maintained a strong intelligence relationship going back to the 1950’s, starting in 1956 with a secret speech of Nikita Khrushchev obtained by the Mossad and then found its way to the New York Times. This helped the Western populous become aware of the crimes happening in the Soviet Union and delegitimize the Soviets.  Thesis Statement: The intelligence provided by Israel from the Cold War through the war on terrorism has been vital to the defense of our nation; this paper will talk about how intelligence from Israel has helped the United States during the Cold War, the war on terrorism and increased our overall capabilities to combat enemy military equipment.

Body (Problem (Defined))/ Discussion to relate the point of view from sources used/the writer takes a position) The United States depends on Israel for much of its Middle Eastern intelligence since they are engaged with forces and equipment in that region.

The Cold War (This is a level 1 header) 

Supporting Idea 1: What about the Iran nuclear reactor?

Supporting Idea 2:  What is the Soviet nuclear threat?  

Supporting Idea 3: What about Soviet military doctrine?

Transition Sentence:  I will expand on Israeli intelligence during the war on terrorism. 

The War on Terrorism (This is a level 1 header) 

Supporting Idea 1: What is happening with Iranian enrichment? 

Supporting Idea 2: What happens when you infiltrate ISIS?

Supporting Idea 3: What happened to Soleimani?

Transition Sentence:  I will now talk about how Israel has helped learn about Soviet weapons capabilities and how the United States has benefited from that intelligence.

Increased Overall Capabilities (This is a level 1 header) 

Supporting Idea 1: What are the capabilities of Soviet aircraft? 

Supporting Idea 2: What are the capabilities of Soviet anti-air missiles and radars?

Supporting Idea 3: What are the capabilities of Soviet combat vehicles?

Conclusion (This is a level 1 header) 

 Reiteration of Thesis required solution/s/ question The United States has benefited from Israeli intelligence from the 1950’s to modern day that has helped increase the United States overall capabilities and doctrine of Russia. The increased lethality and defense of our own equipment we have made are in direct correlation with the knowledge we have gained from captured equipment and engagements by the Israelis. The question would have to be, would the United States be where we are now in regards to equipment to counteract the Russian equipment without shared intelligence from Israel? The answer to that would probably be an astounding no. We would have the equipment, but probably not survivable enough for Russian aircraft, missiles and radar, and combat vehicles.


Ofek, R. (2018, March 4). Israel's intelligence contribution to US security: The Cold War years. Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. Retrieved July 7, 2022, from

Ramos, A., Bolden, K., Vazquez, I., Cammuse, W., & Dennis, M. (2005). Strategic Importance of Israel. Retrieved July 7, 2022.

Unknown. (n.d.). U.S.-Israel strategic cooperation: Intelligence collaboration. U.S.-Israel Intelligence Collaboration. Retrieved July 7, 2022, from


Team, I have put the things that you should be talking about in your paper below and have “color coded” as to where they should be in your paper, sort of keeping you on track.  I hope this makes sense to you. 

1. Introduction/Summary 

2.  History/Background and Context  

3. Thesis Statement 

4.  Problem (Defined) 

5.  Discussion to relate the point of view from sources used 

6.  The writer takes a position  

7.  Solution/s 

8.  Conclusion/ Reiterate the thesis. 


Israel and its Strategic Importance

Religious Policies

SFC Jared Lang

Master Leader Course

Class 406-22-06

MSG Santos Lainez

8 July 2022

Israel and its Strategic Importance

Religious Policies

Israel and it’s strategic importance to the United States has a lot to do with their religious policies. We both share the commitment to democracy and Israel has shown this commitment by changing their government’s blue print. The Basic Law lays a foundation of freedom for Israeli citizens and for Jews worldwide. Since America and Israel share the world’s largest Jewish population, having that common ground helps with diplomatic relations between America and Israel. Many Jews and Christians see Israel as a religious homeland that fosters good will between our two countries. 

Basic Law

Supporting Idea 1: Religious freedom section 1

Supporting Idea 2: More separation of church and state

Supporting idea 3: Can elect their own officials

Worlds Jewish Population

Supporting idea 1: America and Israel share the worlds largest population

Supporting idea 2: Israel is seen as a homeland for Jews

Supporting idea 3: Religious and emotional attachment to Israel

Israel as a religious homeland

            Supporting idea 1: Laws that retain Israels identity

            Supporting idea 2: Preferential treatment for Jews

            Supporting idea 3: Sacred events occurred in Israel



Pew Research Center

7 Key findings about religion and politics in Israel

By Michael Lipka

March 8, 2016

Religion and politics in Israel: 7 key findings | Pew Research Center



Riligion in Israel

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Religion in Israel – Wikipedia



Freedom of Religion in Israel (



Foreign Policy and Religion: U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Israel | Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics


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