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There are several reasons for which the students have negative feelings toward the research papers. The general homework and assignments are easy because they are included in routin

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Running head: DISCUSSION 1


Unit 5 Discussion

Maryah Reed

July 9,2022

English Composition 1

Discussion Week 5

Reasons why students do not like research papers            

There are several reasons for which the students have negative feelings toward the research papers. The general homework and assignments are easy because they are included in routine work. The research papers are different and are based on scientific knowledge. The students lack confidence in their writing abilities because the material requires evidence and a proper writing format. For this reason, it looks like the students have difficulties writing the papers. Most students think their writing abilities cannot decide their skills, and their valuable time may be wasted. 

           Writing skills are essential because the research helps them in the future, but some students think the research paper is time-consuming and requires a lot of strategic thinking. Still, others believe that the research papers are difficult because the teachers do not directly guide them but ask them to do the brainstorming. Many relevant research papers must be searched, and then the students can write about them. Several grammatical and formatting mistakes are necessary to be addressed. 


           There are various suggestions regarding the research papers. First, the students should not take it as a burden. If they consider the research paper a burden, it will create issues. They will lose focus and attention to the research paper. It is essential to realize that these papers will help in the future and enhance research abilities. 

           Time management is vital because it is found that the students cannot complete the research paper in time, and they hate writing it. It is also recommended that the students should also divide the time for the deliverables. Moreover, the discussion with the teacher is essential for better results. 


Students response


It is my opinion that we as students dread the research process so much because of the length of the paper and because we are not used to completing the process of doing research papers. I can not speak for other students of course only my own educational experience, but I have never had any experience at all with a research paper from high school and actually have taken a university English class in Hawaii and it did not have a research paper. So, I must admit I was totally shocked that we would have to write one in this class. I think it was something that I had always associated with a higher level of class.

I do not think I am qualified to make any suggestions to my other classmates; however, I can simply just share what I am doing. I am currently doing research based on the topic that I would like to use and putting it into a document “research notes” so that once I get all clear from Dr. C I can then begin to organize and write my introduction that includes my thesis statement first. I struggle a bit with outlining, but I am working hard to try and use it, I find that just writing, getting the words out of my head onto the page helps me the most and then to begin to read it out loud helps me work on the organizational part.

I have already begun a rough draft of the organizational part with the introduction paragraph and have added some other paragraphs that I feel support my introduction. It is my hope that if I commit solidly to ensuring that I write at minimum of one page a day for one week then I can spend the following week going back and re-working those pages.

Student response


I think many students have negative feelings towards research papers because they consist of a lot of reading. I, myself am not fond of reading I actually get bored. I loose focus and then I do not comprehend what I am reading to well, and sometimes have to read it again. I also think some may get stressed out about getting the correct information. Or wondering if they have enough. Research papers are also very time consuming. In order to gather enough information you have to do lots of research into many different articles, books or online publishing. If you are a procrastinator it makes it ten times harder.

I think another problem is the subject your researching. I think it is so helpful to pick a subject that catches your attention. Maybe one you have a personal experience or personal interest in. I feel like that makes it so much easier. I think because you have knowledge about it already you know what information your looking for. When it is not a familiar subject you feel like you don't know where to start. So my advice is too pick a subject of your interest. And start doing your research early so your not rushing and stressing at the end.

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