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Reply to peer’s discussion (150 words). Turnitin is less than 15%.   Each reply to a peer’s discussion needs citation and reference independently. peerspost.docx


 Reply to peer's discussion (150 words). Turnitin is less than 15%.  

Each reply to a peer's discussion needs citation and reference independently. 

Reply to classmate’s discussion ( answers to your peer of 150 words) each reply needs citation and reference independently. Turnitin less 15%.

Classmate 1 post:

Interest groups entail the organizations that operate to facilitate policy changes to favor the members. The interest group aims to address the challenges experienced by the members to improve their well-being. These groups are important in the healthcare delivery process. They influence the development and amendments of public health policies. This ensures that the public health policies favor different healthcare stakeholders, such as the patients and healthcare providers.

The nursing workforce is a significant area in healthcare practice where interest groups aim to bring proper changes. Nurse practitioners play important roles in the healthcare delivery process. They assess the health challenges affecting the patients, select the most appropriate interventions to address them, and monitor the patients to facilitate proper recovery (Vaismoradi et al., 2020). Nurse practitioners need to have proper skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver relevant care to the patients. Proper nursing knowledge and skills improve the ability of the nurses to offer quality services to improve the health conditions of the patients (Pueyo-Garrigues et al., 2022). Lack of proper skills affects the operations of the nurses in the clinical environment. It is related to various challenges such as providing poor quality services and increased medication errors leading to adverse health results. Healthcare organizations should ensure that they have a proper nursing workforce to attain corporate goals (Razu et al., 2021). The workforce should be made of employees with the right skills and expertise to deliver proper care that suits the health needs of the patients.

Interest groups are operating to help organizations create a proper nursing workforce. The interest groups are implementing relevant approaches to enhance the skills and knowledge levels of the nurse practitioners. A significant interest group that is likely to have an interest in the research finding is the American Nurses Association (ANA). ANA is a professional firm that protects and advocates for the nursing profession (Houskova, 2018). This interest group has a political action committee that works to influence public policies to favor the nursing profession. The committee also offers relevant support to worthy nurses for federal offices, which helps influence healthcare policies. The other interest group is National Nurses United. The National Nurses United aims to enhance patient care coordination and improve the nurses’ standards. The interest group also promotes a unified version of nurses’ collective action through campaigns to enhance the nursing profession (Razu et al., 2021). These interest groups are likely to accept the findings of the new research. The research provides details about the importance of proper knowledge and skills among the nurses, one of the focus areas of these interest groups.



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Classmate 2 post:

The increase in the infertility rate and the existence of the LGBTQ community has led to the high use of assisted reproductive technologies in health. The clinical practice has enabled surrogacy for lesbian and gay men (Fantus & Newman, 2019). The practice is time-consuming and difficult among gay men, as a decision must be made to ensure the best mother is acquired. Gay male clients are usually optimistic about surrogacy as their issue is unrelated to infertility. Nurses face ethical problems with surrogacy and must be handled to ensure a successful procedure is achieved.

Surrogacy has enabled development and advancement in the medical field. Clinicians were able to learn how to conceive a baby in the lab. Through research, clinicians could develop surrogacy and achieve test tube gestations in health. Since no sexual intercourse is applied in the process (Fantus, 2020), clinicians have developed ways to harvest sperms and conceive a child.

Surrogacy has its psychological problems, more so for surrogate mothers. There is an emotional attachment of the kid to the mother, and the mother can fail to give the child to the other parents. Dissatisfaction and emotional distress occur to the surrogate mothers after giving away the kid. Nonetheless, health issues arise in the child due to wrong information about the parents' background (Jacobson, 2018). If medical history is not provided to all the involved parties, the child could have health complications. Hereditary conditions are common in surrogate children; hence clinicians should do a thorough check-up on the issue (Saxena et al., 2012).

Surrogacy has provided a better chance for LGBTQ members to be called parents. Nurses should consider ethics during surrogacy, where surrogate mothers do not end up feeling abandoned after giving away their babies. Children born out of surrogacy need to know about their birthright and how they were conceived. Members of the LGBTQ community appreciate this new clinical practice, and the development of test-tube children may be the best practice to avoid ethical issues about surrogate mothers.



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