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Popular Culture: Kim Kardashian What is the most significant popular culture product or personality from the last five years and why is that product or personality the most signific

Your speech must be illustrated by a PowerPoint slide deck that meets the following specifications: 

  • Title slide with speech title and speaker’s name.
  • Preview slide showing the main points in the speech.
  • Body slides to illustrate each of the two main points and sub-points.
  • References slide in APA format.
  • No text on body slides; use powerful images instead of words when possible.
  • A minimum of 13 slides must be used.
  • No more than 16 slides in total. 

Popular Culture: Kim Kardashian

What is the most significant popular culture product or personality from the last five years and why is that product or personality the most significant?

Name: Kim Kardashian

Introduction: Popular culture, which is also referred to as pop culture, deals with the set of practices, objects, and beliefs which is shared and bring meaning to the social system. It plays a significant role in society as it provides unique culture to the nation, brings out the difference between individuals, and provides the community with a commonality where societies and cultures are diverse. To mention a few pop cultures, we have entertainment, leisure, fashion, and trend. Kim Kardashian is the pop culture chosen which portrays the image of fashion and trends.

Central Idea: The most significant popular cultural personality from the last five years is Kim Kardashian. She has influenced and impacted the fashion industry, home décor, lifestyles, and body image.

Preview: Kim Kardashian is an iconic pop culture figure globally. This runs from the iconic red carpet, the icon reality show of keeping up with the Kardashians, to the beautiful face and curved body. Kim has integrated herself into the media and created many multibillion U.S. dollar fashion, beauty, and media empires to promote their iconic figure. The pop culture portrayed by Kim is influencing many people locally and globally.

Signpost (Transition): Several factors and personalities Kim have made her succeed and be one of the most influential pop culture figures in the world.

Main Idea #1: Loving your curves

(A. Support #1: Kim has fully loved and demonstrated her body curves which have always been a thing for her and the whole family. The statement says beauty, brains, and body, which Kim Kardashian has.

1. (Detail for Support #1 for Main Idea #): Kim has a perfect body; she dresses it well. She has good designs and a high-level taste in fashion that matches her body. In all the events that she has attended all over the media, her dress code has been impeccable, showing her curves that make people always stare.

2. (Detail for Support #1 for Main Idea #1): Despite the suitable outfits she wears, she has embraced a high sense of body curves. She went to the extent of insuring her butt to ensure she maintained her figure and beauty.

(B. Support #2 for Main Idea #1. Give examples.): Iconic reality T.V. show for keeping up with the Kardashians. Examples of the reality show episodes demonstrating Kim's pop culture are Have you met Kim, Losing it in lockdown, and family matters.

1. (Detail for Support #2 for Main Idea #1): Even though the reality show revolves around her life, it significantly impacts the society that influences pop culture.

2. (Detail for Support #2 for Main Idea #1): Details concerning her life and daily activities have been fully demonstrated in the reality show. Through it, the viewers can see the aspects of fashion and interior design, and décor, which acts as a form of inspiration.

Signpost (Transition): The other idea that deals with the iconic figure are the aspect of interior décor and design.

Main Idea #2: Kim Kardashian interior design.

(A. Support #1 for Main Idea #2. Why is this the most significant pop cultural change in the past five years?): Kim has utilized a minimal, highly concentrated style with a pale palette. Besides, she does not consider other people's (including Kanye West) views concerning her design, provided it makes her happy.

1. (Detail for Support #1 for Main Idea #2): The palate design characterized the house to have one primary color, which is thought to be dull but beautiful.

2. (Detail for Support #1 for Main Idea #2): Natural design and objects have been used for the procedure. Plain wood with clear color to demonstrate originality has been used.

(B. Support #2 for Main Idea #2. Give Examples.): Using woods products and showing their colors by painting with other colors has been well applied.

1. (Detail for Support #2 for Main Idea #2): the house décor has been made with plain woods, demonstrating their colors.

2. (Detail for Support #2 for Main Idea #2): The house has been painted white with the incorporation of dull colors like grey.

Signpost (Transition): Kim Kardashian's house is superb and full of style despite Kanye West's complement of it being too pale and less enthusiastic.

Conclusion: Kim Kardashian's style, fashion, and interior décor are impeccable. She is full of fashion, class, and style.


1. Get Inside Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Minimalist Design Home Décor.

2. U.S. Weekly Staff. (2022). Hello, Curves! Take a Look Back at Kim Kardashian’s Body Evolution Through the Years. The U.S. News.

3. Swindall, A. (2020). 6 Ways Kim Kardashian Has Influenced Pop Culture.


Abbreviated Introduction: Pop culture demonstrates the fashion, design, and décor practiced by people. An illustration of this is Kim Kardashian's life fully reflects pop culture. This ranges from her body, T.V. reality show, and the house interior décor.

Central Idea: Kim Kardashian has influenced interior décor, lifestyle, design, and fashion globally. This has been portrayed through her social media pages, family reality T.V. shows, and the online events she attends.


1. Over the years, Kim has been turning heads with her curves which are well seen through the designer clothes she wears

2. Despite the wealth and famous in the family, she has used her beauty, body curves, and strong personality for pop culture.

3. The reality T.V. show has well demonstrated Kim's interior fashion décor, inspiring many people.

Abbreviated Body:

A. Loving your curves

1. Kim loves her curves and fully embraces her body.

2. She has done the extra mile of maintaining her body through butt insurance (U.S. Weekly Staff, 2022).

B. Superior interior design

1. She has fully considered interior design based on her love and perspective and not to make others happy (Get Inside Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Minimalist Design Home Décor. N.d).

2. Dull colors like white and grey have been used throughout the house

Abbreviated Conclusion:

Kim Kardashian is among the top pop culture personalities in the world. She has fully demonstrated her beauty, curves, and design, to influence others. Besides, she has a high sense of fashion that is always showcased through the T.V. reality show.

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