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In order to assist in the development and update of the 1AD Common Operational Picture (COP), utilize the Phase 1 Significant Events handout. This handout contains infor

In order to assist in the development and update of the 1AD Common Operational Picture (COP), utilize the Phase 1 Significant Events handout. This handout contains information more current/relevant than the originally published OPORD. In your Discussion Board Original Post, please answer the following three questions:

1. Determine how you control where information goes?

2. How is information is handled?

3. What is the best way to represent the information e.g. graphics, narrative, hyperlink, etc.

Phase 1

Situational Awareness

Planning should consider the effect on all the phases in the 1AD ATROPIAN IRON OPORD. The division is located throughout the provinces of Hackzi, Vetlia, and Erdabli. The Division Tactical CP is located in the center province of Erdabil. The Division Main CP is located in Remzi. The Division Mobile Command Group is located within command and control distance for Imishli. Units located in Remzi move out to their AAs as soon as possible after their equipment arrives. The first two units to arrive are in position at Imishli. Liaison is complete with Atropian forces in the division AO. 4th ID is south and west of 1st AD.

The Donovian forces are conducting exercises along the border. There is the possibility of Donovian EW jamming assets integrated into their formation. Donovian forces rely heavily on cellphone communications.

Donovian irregular forces and insurgent groups are engaging civilian populations, Atropian forces, and U.S. forces in the AO. Although not great in number, attacks are increasingly disrupting local commerce, and their levels of audacity and intimidation continue to rise, even to the point of conducting indiscriminate terrorist-style attacks on population centers. The city of Remzi is a particular target for these criminal and terrorist organizations because of its economic and political importance. Now there is evidence that criminal organizations are collaborating with the unconventional Donovian forces, coordinating attacks particularly aimed at weakening Atropia’s defense forces.

Additional Information

The U.S. military is losing the information battle in Atropia. Negative images from Hackzi flood into the U.S. via social media causing controversy, and making it difficult for Americans to support the war. Lately, the media coverage on the fighting in and around Imishli focused on the number of division lives lost, not that the BFB is failing in their efforts. The BFB are successfully using the press to create another Tet Offense.

The division developed handbills for distribution to internally displaced persons requesting their help in identifying and reporting threat jammers.

U.S. PSYOP product.

IDP camp

Due to high winds, many of the remote terminal units for the SATCOM systems are not in operation, limiting traffic to lower tactical Internet (TI). Couriers are being used to send and receive information from the units to the division.

The mission set for an unmanned aerial recon did not occur. Inquiry from the Division Tactical CP determined the unmanned aerial vehicle was unable to deploy due to enemy jamming. The recon unit did not report the incident.

DIV Surgeon voiced concerns for critical patient transport equipment (PTE) being unreliable and potentially failing during MEDEVAC operations.

Most of the force protection/anti-terrorist (FP/AT) officers perform their role as an additional duty, which impairs concerted efforts to improve force posture.

Safety manager positions are not generally filled. They are an additional duty or responsibility.

Rockets, mortars, and missiles are incorrectly stored. On technical assistance reviews these assets were pointed in multiple orientations without regard to what they may hit if accidentally fired.

Donovia does not officially promote Donovian media in Atropia. Donovian media markets are so much larger than the markets in Atropia that their information and entertainment channels are dominant among Atropians.

The division’s focus on safety and security tasks creates time and space for the Economic and Governance LOEs by reducing the drivers of instability within Imishli or the division AO. Most often the division efforts will be advising, assisting and supporting host nation police and military.

Local leaders in Imishli do not demonstrate that the local government serves the will of the people, governs for all, and addresses local issues in a holistic manner that is representative of its population. Effective security measures and the removal of bad actors will further legitimize the government of Atropia while stabilizing the Hackzi province for future economic development.

The nascent Border Guard Force, is not properly trained and resourced. It cannot help protect the international border.

Helicopter landing zones and parking areas not on established airfields do not have the same rigorous oversight as established airfields. All helicopter landing zones must be correctly marked, maintained free of hazards, have serviceable fire extinguishers in place, location provided to higher, and with a pre-accident plan in place and rehearsed. Additionally, trained individuals to monitor access, activities, and conditions are a must.

After arriving in theater, the GEOINT section received a software upgrades which required additional block of instruction. This training along with software glitches during the upgrade caused a 50 percent degradation in mission capability.

The first challenge is the authority to operate and accreditation of systems and software to be on different networks, which is different for each partner nation. Just because a software platform was approved and accredited for one nation, doesn’t mean that it is for another nation. This limited the G2’s PACE plans, especially when dealing with ASF who routinely utilized cell phones to communicate.

Use of unclassified imagery in intelligence products from sources such as BUCKEYE allowed for quicker and wider dissemination among coalition partners. When able, the J2 shop substituted unclassified imagery in products which allowed for dissemination of information to the entire force operating in the AO.

Information and intelligence generally resided on United States (U.S.) only systems (SIPRNET and JWICS) even when classified as releasable to coalition partners. The J2 shop had the necessary training to review, share, and move the information from the U.S. only systems to coalition systems (CENTRIX). Other staff sections did not. The timely process of reviewing and moving data between networks for the entire DIV staff became a hindrance for the J2 GEOINT cell from processing other missions.

Part of the sustainment operations as the J-4 is to provide contact oversight of the TAAC and SFABS contract requirements for submission to the Joint Requirements Review Board (JRRB). Most sustainers are not trained on how to write performance work statement (PWS) or operational need statements (ONS).

The staff easily integrated the Airforce into their daily operations as they routinely work with aviation. However, part of the joint integration challenge was understanding the different approving levels associated with each mission.

BFB conducted attacks on the weekly magazine Atropia Now and a supermarket.

The Atropian soldiers are responsible for patrolling areas, protecting key infrastructures, and assisting police forces when responding to terrorist attacks. The patrols also served to deter future terrorist threats and to reassure the population. Areas include the airport, port, and the soccer stadium. The ROEs were based on the principle of legitimate defense extended to a third person. There is a good example of that when soldiers opened fire on a driver that deliberately sped his vehicle against troops and the office they were protecting.

These rules were updated as a lesson learned from other attacks in Imishli, and in accordance with the new homeland security law. Colonel Ains, commander of the task force, “Thanks to them, we are able to act in a larger spectrum, adapted to the operational situation. The weapons were “loaded, not ready,” and the soldiers were patrolling as if they were deployed in an overseas operation. To my mind, it makes total sense, because whether the same soldier is deployed to Mali or Remzi, he is facing the same enemy. My motto about opening fire was “neither inhibited, neither a gunslinger.”

A key challenge when the Operation began was to explain to the non-military people that a mobile course of action (patrols), which increases the commander’s freedom of action, is better than static guard posts, which increases vulnerability of the soldiers. We often used this example to make them understand: in the military, when you are tasked to control the bridge, very often you are not standing on the bridge.

Remote controlled toy quadcopters seen during division’s operations (movement from Remzi, AAs, etc.).

Rumors are surfacing some division Soldiers are using personal cellphones to keep in touch with families back home.

DIV PAO got a visit from Remzi Councilman Dmytro Kravchuk. He wanted to know why we had suddenly left the city. He felt that we were abandoning his people and leaving them vulnerable to the criminal elements in the city. He assured him that elements were remaining in the city to maintain stability, but that we needed to address a potential conventional threat.

DIV established a hotline and asked the people to report any suspicious activity that appears to be coordinated with the separatist elements. There were a dozen calls from the same neighborhood in Imishli reporting several men with weapons. The callers did not recognize the men being from the area.

Map of Key Cities






purple=Insurgent controlled area

orange=Protected fires

gray=Communication centers

Imishli exploded view.

Imishli exploded view.

. Imishli

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