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How the article you used in  Module Two Discussion: Methods of Research  works on the Cite the article? Also,can a brief summary of the article’s purpose and findings, s

How the article you used in  Module Two Discussion: Methods of Research  works on the Cite the article? Also,can a brief summary of the article's purpose and findings, specifically identify its data collection methods and potential errors be written out in APA form. Note whether the data collection was related to qualitative and/or quantitative data.

Running head: HIRING 1


Hiring process of Student Activities Coordinator

Student Name

Institution Affiliation

Hiring process of Student Activities Coordinator


Overview of the Research Topic

Organizational success is largely dependent on the workforce's composition, and this is true for any business. As a result, hiring new employees is of essential importance to management and the company. Because of this, management often devotes a significant amount of time and money to the recruitment process. Focuses on the latter two elements of the process, which are critical to determining whether a company succeeds or fails in recruiting. However, considering hiring a staff for a school especially the student activities coordinator require much evaluation of the candidates to make sure that the institution have the best staff to address student needs. The roles of the student activities coordinator plays an important role in the school’s stability and this demands for a serious vetting of staff to make sure that the students gets a good staff that addresses their needs well (Bika, 2022). The research proposal highlights about the hiring process that would be significant and helps in having the right person for the role in the institution. In order to determine whether an applicant is a good fit for the institution, this step is all about verifying the applicant's information and verifying that they satisfy the role needs. Credit checks are one of the most significant checks for human resource managers in this level.

There are a number of things that the recruiting manager or their administrative assistance must verify, including educational information, employment history, and professional affiliations. For internal applicants, the hiring manager may not need to check references but may be obliged to undertake the institution's supervisor (Mervis, 2020). Verifying the employee's educational background necessitates that the manager work his or her way down from the highest to the lowest level. To be sure, checking professional licenses is important if they are applicable to the student activities coordinator’s role. The checking of criminal histories is an additional crucial step in the verification process. An applicant reports on personal records, and management evaluates the information provided by the applicant, rather than requiring the manager to check criminal records (Mawdsley et al., 2017). At this point, it is critical that the context of the information be taken into consideration so that candidates are not unfairly disqualified.

Problem Statement

Hiring of the students activity coordinator is a challenging activity because the institution requires someone that understands students’ activities and can work well with them and connect the students with the school executive management. Hiring has been a difficult task in every organization because getting the right person for a given job is always an uphill task that require determination and teamwork in the human resource department to apply necessary steps to get the job done. It has become a problem in getting the best employee that coordinate student activities in the institution although the hiring processes are followed. It has become a challenge attracting the right candidates for the job because there is a time when the role is advertised, the hiring manager discover the right candidate in a pool of unqualified talent (Glastonbury et al., 2021). The hiring manager also finds it hard to convince the qualified candidates that are there if the right pool is located because there are multiple job offers that they are considering. The challenge puts the institution in a tough state because the roles assigned to the hired unqualified staff are not handled to satisfaction because there are cases of poor implementation of activities and also irregular scheduling that affects students’ academic excellence. The problem of getting the right talent for the school activity coordinator needs an intervention to get it done correctly, this is the focus of the research proposal.

Purpose of the Study

The study purpose is to develop the best hiring strategies that will help the school get the right talent for the student activities coordinator role. There has been a challenge in getting the right talent pool that the school will use to get the best candidate that would serve the student in the best way possible. There is always the need of having a qualified candidate for a job especially in an institution that has an influence or impact on the performance of the students (Glastonbury et al., 2021). The role that the school is looking forward to fill is critical in impacting the academic life of the students and the proposal needs to offer a solution that would assist the human resource department in getting the right candidate. Hiring process is also expensive and this demands that it is done correctly in the first time to minimize the costs that are used in repeated process (Dlugos, 2020). The proposal purposes in highlighting the need of taking enough time before subjecting candidates to a hiring process to make sure that the school have the best student activities coordinator. The interesting about the position that the school is looking forward to fill is that it has to be an individual that understand best in relating with students, have good interposal skills and also communication skills.

Research question

RQ: What are the best hiring strategies that school should use in recruiting qualified students activities coordinator?

The research question explains about the research proposal purpose of hiring the right candidate for the student activities coordinator and this is addressed only when the qualified talent pool is located to choose from there. The more emphasis that is needed for an effective hiring include training the hiring team concerning the position that the school is looking forward to fill and because it is something associated with students needs a person that understand and passionate about students issues. The right person for the position should be an individual that can communicate and relate well with the students making it possible that the students gets easy to approach and raise their concerns when necessary.

Addressing hiring Challenges

Training the hiring team should be the immediate intervention in having the best hiring team for the student activities coordinator and this helps in looking at the values, qualification and previous assignments that the candidates handled in their former workplaces. In the case of hiring from the school demand for looking for the reports from the supervisors and the managers about the way they are handling students concerns and also professional behavior that is critical in influencing decisions. There is also the need of diversifying the recruitment strategies that makes it possible in bringing good candidates into the recruitment process (Bika, 2022). Creating a huge talent pool like considering adopting the online advertisement that promotes the school broadens the audience that are reached for the job post. The approach of getting more candidates being interested with the position increases the chances of getting the right candidate for the job.


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