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Discussion Topic Post 01: Design Profession Homework requirements video “ required to watch  5 minutes:   Homework Requirem

Discussion Topic Post 01: Design Profession

Homework requirements video – required to watch  5 minutes:


Homework Requirements:

Your main discussion post must consist of a minimum of 600 words.  It is required to respond to at least two of your classmates posts, use a minimum of 75 words in the response to your classmate’s original post.  Be sure to use the terms and language from the learning unit course content in your response to your classmates post.

If you submit your work within the last 10 minutes before 11:59pm, it might not upload.  Turning work in at the last minute is a bad idea, the Canvas site gets overloaded and sometime does not work well.

Required Ideas and Prompts:

Consider all the products/objects/tools you are using in your everyday life.  Pick one product, such as your toaster, your cell phone, the desk you might be working at, your car, or if you want, something in the world that inspires you from a design perspective. It is required that is be something that is used as an everyday object that you use daily. 

It is required you respond to the following 6 prompts and include a photo of the object you are referencing in your post. Upload an image of the item you are referencing in your post.

1- Discuss how the design principles "form follows function" influences the design of the object you chose to discuss in your post.

2- Does the design of the object make it easy to use; is the design functionable?

3- Include in your essay if you feel the design of the object is eye-catching, do you like how it looks?

4- Is the object successful or unsuccessful in relationship to its design and the concept of "form follows function."

5- Is there a logo or brand name included in the design of the object?  Is the logo or brand name incorporated successfully or unsuccessfully within the design of the object?

6- Include a photo of the object in your post.

7- Research who designed it, or the name of the company that manufactures it, include this information in your post.


Video to watch before writing your essay:

‪Understanding Architecture, pt.6 – Form Follows Function  – 1 minute


Form Follows Function: Tips to Improve Your Product Designs – 6 minutes


Form Follows Function Examples – 2 minutes

videos attached below

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