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Discussion Directions: Weekly discussion forum participation is mandatory. Two types of posts must be made by students each

Discussion Directions:

Weekly discussion forum participation is mandatory. Two types of posts must be made by students each week, using at least 100 words for each post. Students may discuss the opening topic presented by the instructor in the forum, or discuss another topic that pertains to that week’s course content, which will be worth up to ten points. Then, students must make two additional posts, either replying to another classmate’s post, and / or discussing another topic from that week’s course content, using at least another 100 words to contribute scientifically to the discussion, for another five points for each post (That is 3 total things written each week  for a total of 20 points). Students are encouraged to discuss something they found interesting that pertains to the current week’s topics. To be given credit, student posts must contribute substantive information about the topic at hand, providing an informative response. Although posts that basically say “nice idea,” or “I agree” are not discouraged, if that is all they really add to the discussion, they will not be given credit. Posts that simply summarize another person’s post are also not considered substantive, and could actually be considered plagiarism. In addition, a reply to someone’s post should not just be a critique of their post. I understand if you have one sentence that explains why you are responding to another person’s post (such as, “I like what you said about…” or, “I disagree with what you said about…”). However, the rest of your post should not just be a rephrasing of that person’s post or a critique saying how much you liked or disliked their post. You need to actually add scientific content to the discussion. If the information you wrote in the discussion forum is scientifically incorrect, or is poorly written (for example, using poor grammar or spelling, or not using appropriate punctuation or capitalization), or is too social in nature, you will lose some points or will not be given credit.

  • To start a response or to reply to a colleague, click REPLY below the post.
  • Discussion posts are due on Fridays 11:59.
  • Replies are due Tuesdays at 11:59.
  • You should post on different days ( or a minimum of at least 18 hours apart)
  • Please start your reply with a greeting to your classmate. (It is just polite).
  • Your classmates must be two different people and they must be college-level responses. 

This weeks topic:

There are 100 mostly multiple-choice questions that in general cover the course materials as follows:

15 general course-related questions… This can be anything… seasons, net radiation, ecosystem, weathering, map projections and the like…

2 – 3 questions on each of the following:

  • Earth’s Energy Balance
  • Layers of the earth
  • Atmosphere
  • Hydrosphere
  • Weather
  • Climate
  • Soils

10+ questions about each of the following

  • Climate Change
  • Biomes
  • Biogeography
  • Extreme Weather
  • Environmental Studies (including the Lorax) 

Which of these topics did you find most difficult to understand?  Why?    Which topic was the easiest?  What were some of the concepts within the topic you found hard?  Explain one of the complex issues/topics with your peers.

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